What is Open Church?

There are various names for open church, Spirit-led participatory fellowship or gatherings.

Organic, missional, simple, house church. Church drop-outs.

Open to God’s will.

Open to God’s vision.

Open to new ideas (each week?).

Open to our city.

Open to ALL people.

Open for YOU.

D * N * A * – Where “DNA” is present among people, there is church.

“D” stands for Divine Truth (loving God/Jesus)
“N” stands for Nurturing Relationships (loving one another deeply)
“A” stands for Apostolic Mission (being on Jesus’ mission to the world)

http://willyfulgencio.wordpress.com/study-topics/ – Why House Church?

… “organic church.”

The term is fluid, but it contains at least three ingredients: 
  • Frustration with the-church-as-we-know-it,
  • a focus on people (vs. programs) and mission (vs. institutional maintenance), and
  • a vision to transform the world.

I can relate to this. Would love to see more.

Anyone who thinks this way near Hamilton, New Zealand?

Visit SimpleChurch community


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