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20 Things the Blood of Jesus Does

from Frank Viola : 20 Things the Blood of Jesus Does | Beyond Evangelical | The Blog of Frank Viola. . Advertisements

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Messianic Prophecy Jesus Fulfilled

Messianic Prophecy Jesus Fulfilled http://www.findingthechurch.com/prophecy.html The messianic prophecies listed above were all fulfilled by Jesus Christ during His 33-year mission. The list isn’t comprehensive. Jesus actually fulfilled hundreds of messianic prophecies during His lifetime. ==  

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Four Tragic Shifts in “Church”

Article : Four Tragic Shifts – 180-400 A.D. But the issue still is not what type of place believers gather, but what shape their committed life together takes as they wrestle with the many duties and privileges flowing out of the priesthood … Continue reading

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The Basis of Faith

Do not base your faith on experience, but base your faith on the Word of God, in Jesus. True faith is not based on an irrational feeling. When your prayers don’t seem to be answered, do not give up praying or … Continue reading

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Restored for Better

We have been damaged by evil, yet were designed for good and created in God’s image. Jesus, God’s only Son, died so that we might have Life. He took our sin and wiped it out – all our sin, once … Continue reading

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Designed for Good

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” – Genesis 1:31 Jesus, when he was walking around the Galilee, talked of Life … in all its abundance and fullness.  I have long longed for understanding this passage. And … Continue reading

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31 Things to Know About Jesus

A Nonchurchgoer’s Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom http://blogforthelordjesus.wordpress.com/?s=things+to+know An interesting read about Jesus. … a leader, generous, humble, strong, welcomed sinners, sent apostles, a teacher, healed people … — http://blogforthelordjesus.wordpress.com/2010/02/16/to-my-pastor-and-minister-friends/ http://blogforthelordjesus.wordpress.com/about/ http://blogforthelordjesuschristianleaders.wordpress.com/

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