Alan Knox, USA – – It’s Life, Jim

Ross Rohde –

Wayne Jacobsen, USA –

Pinterest: – John Beaumont et al (was pastor of Hn Central Baptist where I fellowshipped as a teenager) – Blog, Au

Kathleen Ward, Au – – Life in a House
Church is not something we attend on weekends. It is not something we do inside the church building. It is who and what we are in Christ; a people committed to sharing life together with other believers and loving each as a spiritual family. Church is primarily relationships, not programs and series of religious meetings (Mt.22:37-38). – … So the answer was not in a form or ritual or “place” of worship, but neither was it in a lack of form or ritual, or simply meeting in a living room instead of a sanctuary. … we learned to “be” rather than “do”. …

Christ as All in All. … it is either bringing us into a deeper, experiential, personal union with Christ, or it is just another piece of excess baggage we must be rid of … .. – journey * * = prayer walking!


Articles – New Testament Reformation Fellowship – articles on church meetings, ministries, and matters * * * – The Church In Every Neighbourhood – house church, NZ – articles, NZ – articles, Au – site map – articles and associated websites – Phil + Esther, QLD, Au – Au – pdf + mp3, Alan Knox, USA

Videos – excellent presentation on simple church – spectator sport or participatory? – Steve Simms video 5m35 – paralyzed hand/church, not just ‘talking head’ church >> every member participate – Neil Cole video 10m – ecclesia – gathering in Jesus’ name, anywhere – Open participatory (NT) church (52m + part 2) the first minute or 3 gives you an idea if you’re time-strapped – When You Come Together pt 1 + pt 2 –

New Testament Churches –



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