15 Theses. Wolfgang Simson

Article : 15 Theses. Wolfgang Simson.

  1. Church is a Way of Life, not a series of religious meetings
  2. Time to change the system
  3. The Third Reformation
  4. From Church-Houses to house-churches
  5. The church has to become small in order to grow big
  6. No church is led by a Pastor alone
  7. The right pieces – fitted together in the wrong way
  8. God does not leave the Church in the hands of bureaucratic clergy
  9. Return from organized to organic forms of Christianity
  10. From worshipping our worship to worshipping God
  11. Stop bringing people to church, and start bringing the church to the people
  12. Rediscovering the “Lord’s Supper” to be a real supper with real food
  13. From Denominations to city-wide celebrations
  14. Developing a persecution-proof spirit
  15. The Church comes home

You are invited to become part of this movement and make your own contribution. Maybe your home, too, will become a house that changes the world.

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Bible Study – Lord’s Church

A Bible Study on Important Issues Regarding Our Lord’s Church


1. Question – Where do we find out God’s plan for His Church?
Answer – The Bible, especially the New Testament – 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

2. Q – How is the word “church” (“ekklesia” in Greek) used in the New Testament?
A – It never refers to a building, denomination, or organisation. It is always talking about “the called-out ones,” i.e., the people who have been called out of the world into a relationship with God; or, “the people of God.” We are God’s house – 1 Corinthians 3:16-17, Ephesians 2:19-22, 1 Peter 2:5.

3. Q – How many churches are there in a given city?
A – … answers to these and more ~ http://www.kingdom-liberty.net/

4. Q – What is the church to do?
A – …

5. Q – Where is the church to come together?
A – …

6. Q – When is the church to gather?
A -…

7. Q – What is to happen when the church comes together?
A – …

8. Q – With whom should you gather?

9. Q – Who is to minister when the church is together?

10. Q – Who is responsible for the oversight of the church?

11. Q – What about tithing/giving?

12. Q – Who is to give Christian training to children?

13. Q – How are decisions to be made by the church?

14. Q – Who is the Leader of the Church?

15. Q – Are we to follow the Word of God or the traditions of men?  …


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It’s Not About Your Sin


Satan has done a masterful job of keeping the Christian world preoccupied with the thing that God has dealt with once and for all – sin – and ignorant of the thing that God wants us to be preoccupied with – life!

Bob_GeorgeBob George

Classic Christianity, Harvest House, 1989, 59.

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Church : Pay Attention

Three Lessons to Learn from Social Media

 If churches want to move away from performing for a passive audience, they can learn a few key lessons from the successful social media giants.

Lesson 1: Let people talk.

… Instead of a sermon, set up discussion groups or conversation pairs to explore God’s Word together. Use questions to get them thinking, rather than feeding them the answers. Create learning opportunities which allow them to reflect and grow. Empower God’s people to think for themselves.

Lesson 2: Listen when they talk.

Giving people a voice in church empowers them to use it outside of church. Affirm people when they contribute and speak up – they have something of value to share with God’s family. If you stop speaking and start listening, you allow room for the Holy Spirit to talk through others. Pay close attention to those who appear to be “the least of these” – many times, it is the youngest, or most broken members of the church who have the most profound insights to share.

 Lesson 3: Prioritise connection.

I’m not talking about that “one-way” connection, where the pastor smiles and shares personal stories and the audience members feel connected, even though he doesn’t know their names and probably can’t even see them through the bright stage lights. And I’m not talking about that “shallow” connection that occurs when morning tea is the only interaction time built into the regular meeting time – often in a different area from the sermon and worship and “spiritual stuff”. I’m talking about letting people really connect with each other – through shared experiences, shared stories and laughter. I’m talking about setting up our meeting times to build relationships with each other, not just stare at the back of each other’s heads.

Social media is not just a “fad”. It is a global shift in the way we communicate and interact. It is impacting businesses, governments and establishments worldwide, and it is already changing the way many people do church.

It’s time to sit up and pay attention to the underlying message – people want to be heard, they want to contribute, and above all, they want to connect.

Full article : http://www.churchinacircle.com/2013/04/22/3-lessons-churches-can-learn-from-social-media/

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Messianic Prophecy Jesus Fulfilled

Messianic Prophecy Jesus Fulfilled


The messianic prophecies listed above were all fulfilled by Jesus Christ during His 33-year mission. The list isn’t comprehensive. Jesus actually fulfilled hundreds of messianic prophecies during His lifetime.



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Church Leadership – from preaching to facilitating

Same skill set – different mindset …

facilitation is about listening.

facilitators ask the right questions.

facilitators give all the credit.

facilitators hand over authority.

facilitators give others a voice.

Our prayer is that pastors will stop performing for God’s people, and start empowering them.

Read More : From preaching to facilitating – same skill set, different mindset. | Church in a Circle.

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A Mega House Church

Video : A Mega House Church

for fun: mega house church rap

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