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Church Leadership – from preaching to facilitating

Same skill set – different mindset … facilitation is about listening. facilitators ask the right questions. facilitators give all the credit. facilitators hand over authority. facilitators give others a voice. Our prayer is that pastors will stop performing for God’s people, and start empowering them. Read More : From preaching to facilitating – same skill … Continue reading

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A Mega House Church

Video : A Mega House Church for fun: mega house church rap

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Four Tragic Shifts in “Church”

Article : Four Tragic Shifts – 180-400 A.D. But the issue still is not what type of place believers gather, but what shape their committed life together takes as they wrestle with the many duties and privileges flowing out of the priesthood … Continue reading

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“Real Church”?

… No, the first real church was Jesus and His 12 disciples. The first church was actually a training school for those who would establish the second-generation churches after Jesus ascended back to the Father. It was Jesus showing His … Continue reading

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Damaged by Evil

I was born in to a “Christian home” and went to what I thought as a 9 year old was the best church in town – you know, we believed all the right stuff. Interestingly, my maternal grandparents were Open Brethren and … Continue reading

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Who Moved My Cheese?

“Who Moved My Cheese?” book by Spencer Johnson, with Kenneth Blanchard. [Dewey 158.1 JOH] for teens 155.24 pdf summary : Book Full Text : Outline: Video trailer (2m) : Video Summary – The Handwriting on the Wall, Robert Sith (2m23) … Continue reading

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Needs New Structure

Why The Church Needs New Structure All who acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord belong to His Body, which is the Church. … The present church structure cannot accommodate the multitudes of people who will be saved in … Continue reading

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