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Seeking Real Life

Instead of the four spiritual laws to tell people about Jesus, try James’ Choung’s four circles: Damaged by Evil Designed for Good Restored for Better Sent Together to Heal * * * – explains the Big Story   Advertisements

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Needs New Structure

Why The Church Needs New Structure All who acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord belong to His Body, which is the Church. … The present church structure cannot accommodate the multitudes of people who will be saved in … Continue reading

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Interact, pray, encourage, exhort, and minister to one another

Read and learn from the journey of Milpitas Bible Fellowship, north of San Jose, CA, USA. A bit of church history Spiritual gifts in meetings Mutual exhortation Journey in Implementing Participatory Meetings also : [C]reate an atmosphere of freedom … Continue reading

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An Open Church in Four Walls?

Love to read of what Steve Sims (or God’s Spirit) is up to doing in Nashville:

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Relating and One-Anothering

We can not go to church. We don’t do church. We are part of the church, that is the body of Christ. – this IS important

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How To Start A House Church? – I don’t fully agree with all this stuff but that’s ok. Each group work things out as God and His Word leads them.

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