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10 principles which could transform your church practices – permanently Over the past 15 years or so, my husband and I have been on a journey to find better ways to do church – ways that engage, equip and empower God’s people. We’ve tried to condense some of the “big ideas” we’ve learned over … Continue reading

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15 Theses. Wolfgang Simson

Article : 15 Theses. Wolfgang Simson. Church is a Way of Life, not a series of religious meetings Time to change the system The Third Reformation From Church-Houses to house-churches The church has to become small in order to grow big … Continue reading

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Bible Study – Lord’s Church

A Bible Study on Important Issues Regarding Our Lord’s Church 1. Question – Where do we find out God’s plan for His Church? Answer – The Bible, especially the New Testament – 2 Timothy 3:16-17. 2. Q – How … Continue reading

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It’s Not About Your Sin

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Satan has done a masterful job of keeping the Christian world preoccupied with the thing that God has dealt with once and for all – sin – and ignorant of the thing that God wants…

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Church : Pay Attention

Three Lessons to Learn from Social Media …  If churches want to move away from performing for a passive audience, they can learn a few key lessons from the successful social media giants. Lesson 1: Let people talk. … Instead of … Continue reading

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A Mega House Church

Video : A Mega House Church for fun: mega house church rap

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Four Tragic Shifts in “Church”

Article : Four Tragic Shifts – 180-400 A.D. But the issue still is not what type of place believers gather, but what shape their committed life together takes as they wrestle with the many duties and privileges flowing out of the priesthood … Continue reading

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