We grew increasingly dissatisfied with the leaders of our ‘Church’, the way the elders acted like a board of directors, the “teenage angst” of the song leaders, the list went on – and then it dawned on us.

The whole institution (not just our former Fellowship) is faulty and on a shaky foundation. It seems intent on defending and propping itself up. It has got rule-bound and too religious and controlling.

We wanted to encounter Jesus, personally. Not just be pew-sitters, getting weaker instead of stronger in our faith. We wanted relationships – with Jesus, with people – deeply. We wanted to ‘one another’ one another.

We’re still on a journey. We’re not ‘there’ yet (wherever there is). We may well seek for something that doesn’t exist in the manner that we envision it. Maybe we need to start something. This is the next step in our journey.

We don’t want to build booths and capture a past glory. We want the Living Christ to be with us in our everyday lives. We want to live in God’s grace, forgiveness, and freedom.




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