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Bible Study – Lord’s Church

A Bible Study on Important Issues Regarding Our Lord’s Church 1. Question – Where do we find out God’s plan for His Church? Answer – The Bible, especially the New Testament – 2 Timothy 3:16-17. 2. Q – How … Continue reading

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It’s Not About Your Sin

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Satan has done a masterful job of keeping the Christian world preoccupied with the thing that God has dealt with once and for all – sin – and ignorant of the thing that God wants…

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Church : Pay Attention

Three Lessons to Learn from Social Media …  If churches want to move away from performing for a passive audience, they can learn a few key lessons from the successful social media giants. Lesson 1: Let people talk. … Instead of … Continue reading

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Messianic Prophecy Jesus Fulfilled

Messianic Prophecy Jesus Fulfilled The messianic prophecies listed above were all fulfilled by Jesus Christ during His 33-year mission. The list isn’t comprehensive. Jesus actually fulfilled hundreds of messianic prophecies during His lifetime. ==  

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