Grace + Parenting That Sets Us Free

Fear-Driven Parenting and the Grace That Sets Us Free

Quote from a homeschooling MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) mother:

I want my kids to know and love Jesus, not a system or a religion. I want them to be freed from performance-based Christianity, because when Jesus died for them on Calvary, He said, “It is finished”.

Kids and Grace and Discipline

Rules are good, but have no power to change our hearts. Rules will reform a heart but grace is the only thing that can transform it. We want to see transformed hearts in our kids but only Jesus can do that. My job, then, is to point them to Jesus. It’s to remind them of the Gospel and their need for the Saviour. It’s to model the humility that comes with my own repentance before God and them. So we make the rules, we stand by the rules, but we don’t expect the rules to produce anything but order in our homes.

Grace is the only thing that will make a heart change in our lives.

Kendra Fletcher

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