Restored for Better

We have been damaged by evil, yet were designed for good and created in God’s image.

Jesus, God’s only Son, died so that we might have Life. He took our sin and wiped it out – all our sin, once and for all, forever. The shame, the guilt, the feeling inadequate, the baggage, the rejection – all gone.

God more than picks up our broken pieces. He remoulds and reforms us – in His likeness.

Grab hold of this free gift from God. You can not get to be ‘good enough’ by any effort on your part. Jesus, dying on the Cross, dealt with this separation between man and God. You only need to accept this free gift to follow Jesus.

We can start living as God intended – in step with Him.
Living the way of love, hope, grace, and forgiveness.
To bring healing and salvation to all people.


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