Damaged by Evil

I was born in to a “Christian home” and went to what I thought as a 9 year old was the best church in town – you know, we believed all the right stuff. Interestingly, my maternal grandparents were Open Brethren and when I visited, though I was unsettled by the silences in “The Meeting”, could tell from what I read in the New Testament, that it was closer to those accounts than my ‘best’ church.

It didn’t take long before I realised (shock, horror) that my family was dysfunctional (as all are!) and the church congregation had some self-serving and unloving people. I remember as a 16 year old at my first church business meeting seeing the ugly side of pious-looking church members. I was aghast, appalled – and shamed. Where was the Life that Christ described?

But we are all damaged by evil and born in sin. Adam and Eve ‘stuffed up’ right from the get-go – that’s where Free Will took us all. Fortunately we are not left damaged, nor are we left alone.

Because we are designed for good. And better.


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