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Damaged by Evil

I was born in to a “Christian home” and went to what I thought as a 9 year old was the best church in town – you know, we believed all the right stuff. Interestingly, my maternal grandparents were Open Brethren and … Continue reading

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The Reason We Spend Time With God

The reason we spend time with God is not so that we will feel invigorated and ready to face the day and get through our agenda; the reason we spend time with God is so that He can set the … Continue reading

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Who Moved My Cheese?

“Who Moved My Cheese?” book by Spencer Johnson, with Kenneth Blanchard. [Dewey 158.1 JOH] for teens 155.24 pdf summary : Book Full Text : Outline: Video trailer (2m) : Video Summary – The Handwriting on the Wall, Robert Sith (2m23) … Continue reading

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Seeking Real Life

Instead of the four spiritual laws to tell people about Jesus, try James’ Choung’s four circles: Damaged by Evil Designed for Good Restored for Better Sent Together to Heal * * * – explains the Big Story  

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31 Things to Know About Jesus

A Nonchurchgoer’s Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom An interesting read about Jesus. … a leader, generous, humble, strong, welcomed sinners, sent apostles, a teacher, healed people … —

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Breakthrough. Noun : 1. A sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development. 2. A significant and dramatic overcoming of a perceived obstacle, allowing the completion of a process. Synonym: breach – penetration This word was given to me by a prophet three … Continue reading

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Encountering Jesus

I have decided that it is safer and more beneficial for my spiritual health to go to a Spirit-led, no leader, participatory gathering where the events of the time together are somewhat unpredictable and not pre-programmed (do not read disorganised) – than to … Continue reading

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