Needs New Structure

Why The Church Needs New Structure

All who acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord belong to His Body, which is the Church. …

The present church structure cannot accommodate the multitudes of people who
will be saved in the coming years. … does not encourage making disciples and multiplication.

The world has changed, but the church has not adapted. …

If most churches lost their pastor and their building — they would die immediately. …

… Jesus’ commission to His disciples was to make other disciples who would obey everything He commanded them: which would include making other disciples, …

What Kind Of Structure Is Needed?

  • One that is God-centred and Bible-centred, not man-centred or building-centred. …
  • … Remember Jesus said, “Follow me,”
  • … Let the Bible be your guide. Imitate Jesus and the first apostles.
  • … We must not limit ourselves to the walls of a church building and our traditions. We must be flexible and embrace Holy Spirit directed change.

Traditional (institutional) vs New Testament : chart

Churchianity or Christianity?

  • When you go to church is it really focused on Jesus, filled with Jesus and led by Jesus, or do you only mention Jesus? 
  • Have you ever experienced Church like it is described in 1 Cor. 14?

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