Daily “Preaching” at Work

I was interested today to hear Tak Bhana speak about all Christians being ministers in ministry – at whatever we find to do – at work, at home – everyday.

Daily we preach (even if we don’t say anything) – with our:

1. Honesty – 

No stealing, arrive on time, take only set tea/lunch breaks, no personal business in work time.

2. Attitude to Authority –

Model our character on God, not the world. Respect and honour those over us. (They’re put there by God). You are to glorify God.

3. Showing initiative – 

Consider the Ant. Complete the tasks set. Keep deadlines. Go beyond what is asked for.

4. Showing Christian character

Treat people well – with kindness, gentleness. Encourage. Be Christ-like.
No swearing.  No gossiping. Keep confidences.
Be visibly different.

5. “Defending” Christ –

Be ready to share about Jesus – for the hope that is within you.

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