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… “What’s wrong with institutions as a context for missional community? …

The problem is not a “people-issue”; it is a “system-issue”. Too often, the modern church depends on institutional systems that askew our foundational dependence on the Lord Himself; soliciting our loyalties, usurping both our affection and attention. …

Though by no means perfect, the early church was organicrelationalmissional, and fluid rather than institutional, hierarchical, attractional, and rigid; a Kingdom family rather than a business enterprise or religious establishment.

Too often the contemporary church depends on a pastoral-figurehead, pulpiteering, and programs. Even a casual read of the New Testament reveals that the early church did not need these props. …

As we set ourselves apart to allow Him to have His way in us, we can trust that in Him we will become a glorious church; a Kingdom-advancing phenomenon devoted to communal family, intentionally aligned to apostolic mission, working synergistically as the Body of Christ.

more : http://www.yourkingdomcomeyes.com/apostolic-mission/what-wrong-institutional-church/ – * * * excellent article

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Taken from an Australian CRA Religious Census article, p 13:

Hillsong church services follow a pattern of worship with similar elements to standard Protestant worship: music, prayers, offering (announcements) church news, sermon. Unlike many denominations though, Hillsong ensures a dedicated time for an evangelical ‘altar call’, and commitment prayer, and then a final music item.


http://thejesusvirus.org/2012/10/19/refugees-and-pioneers/ – leaving an unsafe environment? or starting something new for the future?

My journey out of an institutional congregation included tiredness of performances and programmes and paid professionals – and a growing weakness in the exercise of my faith .. read more here.

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