I was brought up to go to Church on Sunday. That’s the first call on your time each Sunday. I have wholeheartedly believed this – ’til the end of last year.

Factors that have contributed to changes in my thinking about what church (small ‘c’) is, include:

  • multiple migraines (and not wanting to endure teenage angst, weak songs, and poorly balanced sound during the ‘worship’ time at Church)
  • busyness and lack of time ‘in the quiet’ as I home educate 2 primary-aged children
  • 18 years ago doing church planting – church growth study at MISSONZ, thinking how best to ‘do’ church; how to fulfil God’s (com-)mission
  • believing that overseas ‘missionaries’ get far too much attention compared to local ‘missionaries’-apostles-’set apart’-called people (which in my view should be all followers of Jesus).

I still hold the importance of observing the Lord’s Day, a Sabbath Day of Rest. 

But I now realise that ‘church’ (the Bride of Christ, people who follow Jesus on this earth)

  • doesn’t necessarily have four walls,
  • that it is better being thought of as ‘being’ church rather than ‘doing’ church, and
  • that church doesn’t necessarily nor exclusively happen on Sunday (or your Sabbath Day of Rest).

Church is (like love) what church does. People are the church. We live fantastic lives showing God’s love and grace to people in our communities and networks. We are (like) salt and light in the world. We live a life that is visibly different from the world.

This may be able to be done within the confines of a structured, ‘institutional’ Church, but for me, for now, I highly value our home group on Wednesdays and meeting with my home educating colleagues casually yet regularly. We have spiritual conversations, share meals and communion, speak from the Scriptures, pray, correct, and generally “one another” each other. We share what God is doing in our lives and the exciting things that He is teaching us.

Followers of Jesus (Christians), what is church for you? what does it look like?

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